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Facet joint hypertrophy is a condition in which the facet joints of the spine become enlarged.

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Ectropion (previously called cervical erosion or abrasion) - this occurs when the columnar epithelium of the endocervix is displayed beyond the os: The cervix enlarges under the influence of oestrogen and as a result the endocervical canal is everted.

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The causes of cervical lymphadenopathy may be: The causes of cervical lymphadenopathy may be.

Cervical cancer is caused by persistent infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) and accounts for one in ten cancers diagnosed in women worldwide.BREAST AND CERVICAL ISSUES DEFINITIONS BREAST ISSUE DEFINITIONS BREAST DENSITY The relative proportion of fibroglandular tissue to fat in the breast as it appears on a mammogram.The job of your lymphatic system is to drain excess fluid from the tissues and then return it to the blood that is circulating around in.The cervical enlargement corresponds with the attachments of the large nerves which supply the upper limbs.

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Finally, the surgical enlargement of the cervical canal can be performed by hysteroscopic shaving of the cervical tissue.

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A little over a year ago, I discovered three small lumps in my neck.

Enlargement of nodes located only on the right side of the neck in the anterior cervical chain, for example, would be consistent with a squamous cell carcinoma, frequently associated with an intra-oral primary cancer.He said that I had a few slightly enlarged posterior cervical lymph nodes and they were probably due to a recent cold or virus.Cervical cancer occurs when the cells of the cervix grow abnormally and invade other tissues and organs of the body.

In most cases the enlargement is a transient response to a benign local or generalized viral infection, and almost all children have small palpable cervical, auxiliary and inguinal nodes.Cervical canal widening can be termporarily achieved by the insertion of dilators into the cervix.The enlarged segments contribute to the brachial and lumbosacral plexuses.

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Unlike the other cervical vertebrae, the C7 has a large spinous process that protrudes posteriorly toward the skin at the back of the neck.


Cervical dysplasia is a condition in which healthy cells on the cervix undergo some abnormal changes.It is seen on examination as a red ring around the os and is so common as to be regarded as normal.

Why does the spinal cord enlarge at cervical and lumbar areas.The cervical plexus is a network of nerve fibres that supplies innervation to some of the structures in the neck and trunk.The cervical enlargement occurs at vertebrae C3 through T2 and represents a bulge in the spinal cord that has increased neural input and output to the upper extremities.

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Infectious mononucleosis, or mono, commonly produces cervical lymph node enlargement.

However, invasive cervical cancer remains a disease of significant morbidity, and it is a major cause of cancer deaths in women worldwide, although the incidence and mortality rates of invasive cervical cancer have declined substantially (particularly in countries that have well-developed screening programs).The 7th cervical (C7) vertebra is the largest and most inferior vertebra in the neck region.At right, note the variablilty in the size of the follicles and the presence of mantle zones in the reactive node.

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Similarly, in cervical cancer, the expression of VEGF-C is increased at the invasive edge.Cervical lymph nodes are part of you lymphatic system which also includes other organs, tissues, and vessels.In the vast majority of cases, this is a benign, self-limited complaint.It is the cervix that dilates during childbirth to allow the fetus to pass through.A reactive lymph node is an enlarged lymph node, which is commonly the result of an infection.Erosion, Cervical a defect in the epithelium covering the vaginal portion of the cervix.Facet joints are cartilage-encased hinges that hold adjacent vertebrae together.